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“Thank you once again for your help, it is terrible that the state does not offer me help in saving my health and life, so your help as an abortion team is irreplaceable. You are saving women, you have saved me."



We are delighted that you are interested in becoming Abortion Support Network’s Chief Executive.

ASN is a small (but growing) charity, which offers a unique and vital service to thousands of women and pregnant people across Europe who need abortions – for whatever reason – when their own countries fail to provide safe, legal accessible abortion care.

We don’t ask why. The only thing that matters is whether they need our help.

The overturning of Roe v Wade in the US has placed a sharp focus on the importance of ASN’s work. Abortion is basic healthcare, but the ability to access it is increasingly under pressure. While some European states are liberalising abortion laws, others are tightening restrictions. Eight states in Europe allow abortions at some point past twelve weeks, only five past 15 weeks, and in practice it can still be very difficult to obtain a first trimester abortion.

ASN is part of a long tradition of ordinary people stepping in where governments fail to provide safe abortion care. Our clients include those who have experienced domestic abuse or rape; those who do not have passports or who need a visa to travel; those who discover their pregnancy or who find out about a foetal anomaly at too late a stage for an early termination; people on low incomes or in desperate circumstances, as well as those trying to navigate abortion care in a different country, or in circumstances where their home country's laws are not supportive.

We know that our new CEO will share our compassionate, person-centred vision of what we can achieve, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Charlotte Fischer
Charlotte Fischer
Chair of Trustees, ASN