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“I am writing to thank you again for your support. In my country I currently have no support whatsoever from doctors or state institutions. I am very happy that organisations like yours exist and help women in this incredibly difficult situation."


About the role

At its simplest, this role is about enabling us to grow our reach and capacity, so that we can help more people who need us. Our operating context has changed in recent years: today, we are seeing increased need within the second trimester, and also from mainland Europe. So we’re seeking to grow the number of people we can help, expand the number of countries from which (and in which) we fund abortions, and develop a programme that encourages and supports groups across Europe to help build the capacity needed. Our board has approved an investment programme which will provide the resources to achieve this goal; now we need the person who can make it a reality.

Working with the board, our newly appointed Service Manager and our Fundraising and Communications Manager, and consulting our 90+ volunteers, our new Chief Executive will develop a strategy and an operational plan to achieve our strategic goals. Success will lie in creating more abortion pathways across Europe, in expanding the pan-European abortion fund movement, and in growing ASN sustainably.

We’re looking for someone who is unequivocally pro-choice, and who brings experience of inclusive service delivery, volunteer management, safeguarding and deft organisational leadership. A deep appreciation of the value of volunteers, and experience of working with volunteers through change, will be essential. You will be a strategic thinker, and a strong communicator who prizes a collaborative approach; a self-starter who can turn their hand to both operational and strategic tasks, and who understands how to make a small voluntary organisation sing.

This would be an ideal first CEO role for someone with relevant senior management experience, who understands how to scale up systems and is hungry to make a real difference in our sector. It’s a full-on organisation-building role: assembling teams, establishing systems, ensuring due diligence, safeguarding and regulatory compliance, making sure budgets are balanced and fundraising is on track – as well as the operational responsibility of ensuring that we deliver the core activity of the charity. You’ll never be stuck for something to do!

Candidates will embrace the (sometimes messy) reality of this process, always able to communicate a clear vision of where we’re aiming. Calm, practical and highly adaptable, you’ll be able to lead with confidence through challenge and the unexpected. Our board is highly experienced, supportive, and completely committed to our work; you will have experience of working collaboratively with a board, as well as providing expert, risk-informed professional advice in complex scenarios.

Through everything we do runs a golden thread of solidarity, sisterhood, and support. Those who came before us, who courageously acted according to their conscience even when it carried significant risk, have bequeathed us a remarkable legacy. It’s a privilege to continue their work, and you must also be personally motivated by this sense of mission.

Download the role profile here